Tribal Warli Paintings

Tribal Warli Paintings

Inspired from the enthralling folk art of Maharashtra that originated in the 10th Century, the Tribal Warli Paintings, which we offer, are painted and designed keeping in mind the rawness as well as contemporary charm of the art. These Tribal Warli Paintings have elegant framing, giving an enthralling appeal to the products. Created using quality white powder- made using ground white rice and painted twigs- these Tribal Warli Paintings were initially painted by married women, and they were put on walls of mud houses. In earlier times, the walls that adorn these Tribal Warli Paintings had a coat of cow dung, which was followed by a coat of red mud.

These Tribal Warli Paintings showcase the social life of the village. These Tribal Warli Paintings are like the prehistoric cave paintings, having geometric designs and stick-like figures, made using dashes and dots (representing a straight line). These Tribal Warli Paintings depict social events such as hunting and marriage. Nowadays, these Tribal Warli Paintings have a different medium such as cloth and paper, on which they are made. Although these Tribal Warli Paintings have become commercialized; and now men have started creating it, but core remains the same.

Details :
  • Size : Customized
  • Raw material : Handmade Paper, Premium Colors and Exquisite Framing
  • Used In : Homes, Hotels, Resorts, Shops, Interior Designers, Architects, Corporate Offices
  • Color and packaging : Customer specific

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